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Love Carpet Cleaning is a leading cleaning company in London. We offer professional carpet cleaning in London and perform all of the duties regarding any job in a proficient way. Our company has long term experience in this matter and utilizes it in order to perform better. If you are interested in acquiring our services or hiring us just send us an email or, even better, call us on  020 3744 0080.

You can get a free quote by contacting us and also be able to receive extra information about our firm that you are interested in. We perform various types of rug and carpet cleaning so read on to find out the particular details about some of them.

Carpet Cleaning Services in London We Provide:

Our main service includes cleaning rugs in London and providing carpet cleaning services for our customers. We have a wide range of variety ways we do that and different kinds of services that we give to our clients. Additionally, we use contemporary methods and modern equipment in getting the job done. We can offer you:

•    Office carpet cleaning, which involves the cleaning of rugs found in your offices and which is mainly aimed at business areas which want to tidy up a bit their working environment.
•    Steam carpet cleaning, which is an advanced method that uses a hot water extraction system that enables the elimination of even the toughest stains and bacteria found in your carpet. This is one of the best cleaning methods that we offer which has proven to be highly effective in removing difficult rubbish stains from carpets. Call us today to book steam carpet cleaning anywhere in London!
•    Dry carpet cleaning, is another method that we utilize. If the rugs cannot be cleaned with steam or are made from materials which are not compatible with the steam cleaning method, we then proceed to dry cleaning. It has proved to be very effective with rugs made out of special kinds of materials. Powerful dry extraction machines are used to vacuum the rug after it has been thoroughly processed with cleaning products. The results are great and an interesting fact is that the rug is already dry when the job is finished, so drying time is no included with this process.
•    Domestic carpet cleaning, offered to all the people who need their rugs clean. We offer to clean various rugs, small ones or bigger ones, within your living area. Freshen up your household atmosphere by getting your rug cleaned at a professional firm which will enable prime cleaning of your rugs within your home.

Upholstery Cleaning in London

Some additional services also include upholstery cleaning in all areas of London city. We can strip off the upholsteries from your furniture or car seats as well and have them thoroughly cleaned. Depending on the material which is at hand we will decide which method to use.

Love Carpet Cleaning can clean the upholsteries using various cleaning products, but do not worry as all of them are safe and eco-friendly and will not damage the materials. Our aim is to provide the best upholstery cleaning service for all types of upholsteries that you have and which need to be cleaned.

Rug Cleaning

We can provide professional rug cleaning services in London as well. Our teams can help you clean your various types of rugs or have them cleaned thoroughly using special kinds of methods that remove stains or simply freshen up the look of your rug. We will take care of the expensive persian and oriental rugs that you need to be cleaned, so do not worry as we provide a beneficial service which will give your rugs a new look or simply refresh the way they look.

The methods that we used are non-damaging to the rugs as we first carefully assess the type of materials a certain rug is maid and then proceed to the cleaning. After deciding what product is best to use, we then go on to thoroughly clean the carpet. We have an extended experience in cleaning various types of rugs so be sure that your rug will be returned to you it tip-top form.

The Best Sofa Cleaning Services in London

Besides all the mentioned types of services, our company can also offer to clean your sofa and give it a fresh new look. Depending on the material the sofa is made we can assess the method which is the proper one of cleaning it.

We do not mind cleaning sofas of different materials and we can also clean leather sofas as well. We can vacuum it, clean it using the needed products, remove stains if there are any, and dry it all up to give it a brilliant new look.

Mattress Cleaning in London

You can also have your mattresses cleaned with us. Mattress cleaning in London by our company will enable you to get your mattresses look new again. We can clean it, remove the stains, provide disinfection and also remove the old small out of it.

We use many different cleaning methods for mattress cleaning and the product we use to clean them are completely safe. It will remove all the bacteria from your mattresses and get them to look properly and clean. We can make your decrepit mattresses look as brand new again.

Why Choose Us?

Cleaning rugs and carpets can be a sensitive thing to do. One has to assess the situation carefully not to damage the carpet by using an incorrect product. You also need to maintain the value and the beauty of a rug by using the appropriate method to clean it. So we can say that each rug is a different story and different carpets need unique methods for their clearances.
This is why you should choose us to do your rug cleaning. Being that we are a professional firm which prides itself on providing the best types of rug cleaning services, we can be the best men for your job. We can assess the material of your rug and choose a product which will not damage but rather enhance its characteristics. We can also remove tough stains which you haven’t been able to remove by yourself.

Finally, we can take care of Persian rugs, Shag rugs and even Oriental rugs and pay special attention to them. Your pride and joy rugs will be cleaned and processed in a special way using advanced method which eventually amount with great results. Our job is to provide the best kind of cleaning to your rugs and we aim to maintain the beauty of each rug we get to clean.

Book Your Carpet Cleaning Service

Our companies provide some of the best carpet cleaning services and offers them to the residents of the greater London area. Everyone is welcome to try and we can give cheap prices and assess our best quotes for our clients. We have already established a base of happy customers who are very satisfied with our work and you as well can also be a part of them by booking our services.
Hire or arrange our cleaning services by contacting us by sending us a message by e-mail or simply call us the old fashioned way, by telephone. You can explain the situation to us so we can assess it or you can arrange to pick up the materials which need to be cleaned or you can bring it to our establishment as well. Either way, the results are great and as we provide professional carpet cleaning services to all people in London. Contact us and book your carpet cleaning services now!

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